The Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirements state that providers of childcare for children aged 0-5 in England should have clear policies and procedures for safeguarding children and ensuring that every child reaches their full potential. 

Policies and procedures are the foundations for the service i provide so prospective parents can

be assured that the service i provide meets their needs and the needs of their children.

When a new family comes to my home i provide an information pack with all my Policies in to 

look through. I find that this lays some ground rules and helps parents understand my views 

and practices concerning the care of their child.


My policies and procedures include

Ø  Accident and emergency policy

Ø  Confidentiality policy

Ø  Equal opportunities policy

Ø  Health and Safety Policy

Ø  Lost child policy

Ø  Pet policy

Ø  Safeguarding policy

Ø  Working in partnership with parents

Ø  Complaints procedure

Ø  Dropping off and picking up policy

Ø  Fire safety policy

Ø  Hygiene policy

Ø  No smoking policy

Ø  Photographs policy

Ø  Behaviour policy1

Ø  Emergency evacuation policy

Ø  Illness policy

Ø  Happy eating policy

Ø  Settling in policy