My hours of work are

Monday - Friday from 07:00 to 18:00 

(flexibility can be discussed on an                    individual basis)


My Fees are

£30 per full day

£3.50 per hour

The above fee's are payable in advance.

(minimum 2 hours per session)


Absence / Holidays

Sickness of child                      - Full fee

Sickness of childminder           - No fee

Childs holiday                          - Full fee

Childminders holiday               - No fee

Bank Holidays - Full fee(s) if on contracted days.

Term time only contracts - Half fee to retain place.


The fee's include all meals, snacks and drinks.

They exclude baby milk, baby food, nappies and wipes, these must be provided. 


I will require a deposit of the first weeks / months fees.


Payment Methods

Payments should always be made in advance, i offer weekly or monthly payment options.

Payments can be made by


Direct debit

Bank transfer